JC Hyaluronic Acid


Hyaluronic acid is a part of the body's own cells, will gradually drain away as the age increase, resulting in dry skin, dehydration, loss of elastic luster, gradual appearance of fine lines again. So 100% of the skin needs hyaluronic acid rejuvenation.

Think of hyaluronic acid like a BIG drink of water for your skin. It is able to hold up to 1,000 times its molecular weight in water. Hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin and binds water to skin cells, infusing all layers of the skin with valuable, rejuvenating moisture. Hyaluronic acid is the key to instantly plumping fine lines and making skin look glowy.


  • Prevent the formation of the wrinkles and the skin gradually becomes hydrated and shiny.
  • Shrink pores, increase elasticity, firming skin.
  • Gradually improve skin yellowish, make skin white translucent shiny.
  • Treatment pockmark of acne.
  • Removing spot.


  • After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply proper amount of this product evenly to the face and press gently until it is absorbed.


    • Water (Aqua)
    • Glycerol Polyether-26
    • Betaine
    • Glycerol
    • Biosaccharide-1
    • Nicotinamide
    • Sodium Hyaluronate
    • Polyglutamate
    • Stem extract of Dendrobium nobile (DENDROBIUM NOBILE)
    • Leaf extract of Aloe Vera (ALOE BARBADENSIS)
    • Root extract of Sophora flavescens (SOPHORA FLAVESCENS)
    • Fruit extract of Lycium barbarum (LYCIUM BARBARUM) Extract
    • Echinacea purpurea extract
    • Glycerol octanoate
    • Octyl hydroxamic acid
    • Allantoin
    • Hydroxybenzoate

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